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  • Fight simple obesity
  • Fight adolescent obesity
  • Provide a natural energy boost to increasing your metabolism
  • Cleanse your body of toxins and flush out your system Help to improve skin tone and complexion
The super fruit is a natural antioxidant. Lemon cleanses the body of toxins. In additional to the cleansing properties lemon also has healing properties.
ii. Bitter Melon
The tropical fruit contains bioactive compounds that are known for regulating metabolism. Bitter melon stimulates healthy digestion.
iii. Papaya
A natural source of vitamin A and C. Papaya promotes health digestion from the fiber and potassium provided by the fruit.
iv. Spirulina Maxima
According to analysis of research by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), taking Spirulina Maxima does good effect to help reduce weight.
Looking for diet pills that work?
This all natural Chinese weight loss pill was developed to eliminate the excess fat gained after pregnancy. Now, it's used by millions to Fight the weight loss battle!
Whose function theory is as follows:
Both Men and Women have found success with Reduce Weight Fruta Planta. Fruta Planta works with your bodies chemical makeup to reduce your appetite and target all soft fatty tissue areas such as: arms, legs, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Fruta Planta is a 100% all natural weight loss supplement and is made from all natural fruit plants. These plants have been used for centuries in holistic healing and weight loss practices. Each individual ingredient contains its own special health benefits.
Applicable people
White-collar Workers

White-collar Workers

Office workers have to sit about 8 hours in the office and no time to work out. Now you can lose the extra weight easily.

Postpartum mothers

Postpartum mothers

Fruta Planta weight loss is perfect for new mothers to reduce waist fat after they stop breast-feeding.

 Partial Obesity People

Partial Obesity People

Fruta Planta reduce weight pill focus on reducing the fat on your belly, waist, leg, arm and neck.

Middle-aged Obesity People

Middle-aged Obesity People

With the help of Fruta Planta reduce weight pill, middle-aged people can Keep their body slim.
Can I take Fruta Planta reduce weight capsule if I am still breast feeding?
Any type of reduce weight supplement is not recommend to women who are pregnant or breast feeding. Because what you put in your body will also put into your baby's body.
I am 15 years old, can I take this product?
People who are younger than 18 years old should not take this pill. Fruta Planta weight loss capsule is available for people between 18 to 60 years old.
Does Fruta Planta weight loss capsule have FDA approval?
Fruta Planta weight loss capsule has not been evaluated by FDA. Fruta Planta reduce weight loss is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your doctor before taking this product.
Can I take Fruta Planta pill with alcohol?
No. Fruta Planta weight loss pill should not be taken with alcohol. This pills works very well when taken with warm water or room temperature water after breakfast. And remember to drink 6-10 cups of water every day to boost the slim effect.
Martha weight loss story

Martha, AU, 48 years old

Before weight: 281 pounds

Current weight: 180 pounds

was 281 pounds before and my pulmonologist told me that if I didn't lose weight I would have to be put on a machine for my sleep apnea. So started taking Fruta Planta pill.

Cecily weight loss story

Cecily, USA, Office Lady

Before weight: 160 pounds

Current weight: 120 pounds

My job requires me sitting at the computer all day, no mention going to gym. I gained about 40 lbs after college graduation. It's Fruta Planta helped me to reshape my figure.

Susan weight loss story

Susan, USA, New mother

Before weight: 253 pounds

Current weight:145 pounds

The extreme fad diet and exercise programs wouldn't help me. So I turned to Fruta Planta weight loss capsule and it works for me.

Monica weight loss story

Monica, UK, "Big Loser""

Before weight:268 pounds

Current weight:215 pounds

I put on much weight on my belly and I began my weight loss by focusing on eating more vegetables and Frutas. But actually it is Fruta Planta tablet helping me to lose my belly weight.